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Catherine Hedberg

Fear is the emotion underlying most problems in our lives. We are often the biggest hurdle to reaching our potential. Whether it’s fear of success, or performance, stage fright, or fear of becoming more engaged in life and with others, it all connects back to our own beliefs limiting our potential. What we believe about ourselves dictates how successful we are or aren’t. Wanting it to be different usually isn’t enough. Liberating ourselves from our self-created shackles is the answer, and changing neurocognitive pathways is the key. Life can be very different once this happens.

I assist clients with issues ranging from creative blocks and performance anxiety, to severe trauma related to car accidents, combat, first responders, violence, catastrophes and sudden loss. I work with artists, writers, composers and stage performers to boost creative energy, removing blocks to enable confident performance, and with athletes looking for that psychological edge.

While artists, athletes and trauma survivors are vastly different subjects, my approach to each is similar. It’s about getting to neuropathways and changing beliefs. With 20 years of experience I’ve developed a very effective approach anchored in Adlerian theory coupled with EMDR. Teaching and supervising at Adler Graduate School has deepened these skills.

For more details on Debra’s practice, consult her Psychology Today Page.

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
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phone: (651) 222-3129

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